Pumped Up Strength with Lauren George

Pump up your strength workout by utilizing combination movement patterns to create a total body strength routine that will rev your metabolism, challenge your body in new ways, and build […]


Barre Above with Tricia Murphy Madden

Barre Above is total body workout blending the best of Ballet, Yoga, Strength Training and Pilates. This incredible muscular endurance workout will help you stand taller, move better and build […]


Dynamic Flexibility and Stretch with Manuel Velazquez

Clap the steps and learn the rhythm. Fuse them together in bilateral sequences and you will freed your body into this vibrant exploration of multi-cultural Latin dance. The class is focused […]


Flow Rider with Tricia Murphy Madden and Doris Thews

Two of the most beneficial forms of exercise, Yoga and Cycling come together for the ultimate mind/body meets cardio class. Join Doris and Tricia as they help you understand the […]