Barre Necessities – 4 Week Intensive for Barre Instructors with Abbie Appel and Tricia Murphy Madden

$100.00 $69.00

Barre Necessities - 3/16 - The Art of incorporating Cardio into Barre

Barre Necessities - 3/30 - Creative Program Design To Grow Your Class Attendance

Barre Necessities - 3/23 - Technique for Cueing Special Populations

Barre Necessities - 3/9 - Upping Your Core Section Design



For the instructor who wants to grow your class attendance and retain members already there! Whether learning how to create Core content that not only FEELS affective and unique but also IS effective for your overall health. We will spend one Tuesday learning the science of cardio and barre together and what the most transformational approach will be for your class design. How about learning to cue and coach athletically aging populations or anyone visiting your class with physical limitations? Finally, we will wrap up with creative program design that will attract new attendees to your barre classes.