Laura’s experience as a former collegiate swimmer, marathon runner, triathlete, and adventure racer, combined with her experience as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, has resulted in a versatile perspective on fitness that she strives to both embody and implement with each client: fitness is a holistic and “wholistic” lifestyle that should encompass an equal balance of dedication to training, rehabilitation/injury prevention, and nutrition. Since graduating from the University of Virginia, Laura’s experience has ranged from working for the United Nations and the State Department, to training active duty military (US Navy) for deployment, to creating and launching programs for boutique studios across the US. Over the course of 13 years, she has trained and instructed in multiple markets, such as Seattle, Denver, Florida, Dallas, and currently, Northern California. She designed and implemented the Strength & Conditioning program at the Kent Denver School, creating curriculum for high school athletes, in-season and off-season sport training programs, injury prevention for teams, and launched a faculty training program. As a Master Trainer for TriggerPoint Performance, since 2013, she has trained the trainers, worked with athletes and varying groups and organizations, such as the Denver Metro Fire Department. Her mission is to always educate and engage, while creating an inclusive environment. So, whether it’s teaching on the bike or lifting weights, form and functionality are always part of the delivery, with a few “holy schnikes!” along the way.  

Small Group Personal Training 

This is a semi-private, small training group- a 3-week program that will focus on increasing total body strength. Learn how to properly execute all the functional movements and how to increase load safely, whether you have pre-existing injuries or are simply limited in access to equipment. Each week will commence with a new workout thematically designed to incorporate these important components of fitness: stability & balance, mobility & flexibility, and muscular endurance. And, under the guidance and instruction of your trainer, in each interactive session, you will individually focus on finding success in proper form and movement patterning, improving your range of motion, increasing time under tension- or just feeling stronger everywhere!

Equipment needed: mat, minibands, weight (any combination of light, medium, heavy, if possible).

Max. class size -12 people