Virtual Instructor Certification

with Abbie Appel, Lauren George and Tricia Madden


Homeroom Fit | Abbie Appel
Homeroom Fit | Abbie Appel
Tricia Murphy Madden | Schwinn on Homeroom Fit

Virtual Instructor Certification with Abbie Appel, Lauren George and Tricia Madden | September 22nd | 3PM PST – 7PM PST | $129 |

Presented by Abbie Appel, Lauren George and Tricia Madden

Whether you are looking to launch a Video on Demand, LIVE Stream or a Hybrid of the two or help your instructor and personal training team do all of the above, this certification will help you establish your business goals and launch the perfect virtual solution for your business. This course will provide you with technical solutions, programming strategies, staffing, budgeting, and marketing ideas for either starting or revamping your virtual experiences.

In this certification you will learn:

  • How to Cue TO Camera
  • How to coach to a virtual group
  • How to Cue Simultaneously TO in-person students as well
  • How to coach Kinesthetically, Visually and Auditory in all of these experiences
  • How to utilize voice optimally in a virtual environment
  • How to cue everyBODY in the room
  • How to create community in all different virtual experiences
  • How to set-up your technology on a budget
  • How to create optimal staging
  • How to retain and grow new students in your classes and sessions
  • How to partner with facilities and virtual platforms

Recording Available 30 Days